[AmpeROSE] Insomnia….

Good evening everyone,

This week, I was in charge of schematics, I started by reviewing the microcontroller and the digital circuits, then, I worked on the analog circuits, typically, the automatic switching calibration, the ADC, the current-voltage conversion and the selector DUT/MIR.

In terms of the power supply, I compiled a list of the different reference voltages that will be used along with the different components. As you may know,  our project relies on having a super clean power supply and minimize the noise to get good results and good precision. Therefore, the design consists of separating the power supply of the digital and analog circuits. Alexis Polti will help us to design and get such a clean power supply so a big thanks for him.

In terms of PCB, yesterday, I started working on it alongside Abdelhadi and Michel. We started by the ethernet module and after two days of sleep deprevation, we finalized the digital circuit. Routing the analog circuit is going to be a !$&^!$^!*$!*$&@ (PS: it is a bad word), and we hope to be able to finish it by 5 am.

See you next week,


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