[ZeROSEro7] WiFi connection

During this week, I worked on schematics and on WiFi module.

Our schematics were verified by teachers and several advises were given. I made several modifications to fix these problems.

Then, I updated stealth drops PCB.

I also progressed with WiFi chip. The AMW106 can easily discuss using commands defined into ZentriOS-W. This command set could be sent by UART from our µP (STM32F215).

I had a problem to communicate with this chip. When a command is sent to the chip, it can respond with two kinds of messages, “Reponse” and “Log”. Some basic commands respond only a “Response” (for example commands to get ZentriOS version or variables content) but others send a “Response” and several “Log”.

I was able to send and receive properly  commands with a single response, but when several responses were received, I was only able to receive the first one. After that, timeout (~1s) occurred on the UART. I understood that the time between responses can be over several seconds and number of responding for a command can be different depending of the response’s content. I fixed this problem by waiting for a customizable delay (for example 4s is a good choice for a WiFi network scan). This long delay is not a problem for the project because we do not need to communicate with WiFi except for data transfert. Bluetooth is used to discuss between smartphone and our board.

I am now able to start a WiFi server on the chip with this command: “setup web”. A smartphone can connect to the chip with a correct password and access to the web service on the board (at It’s a default website which allows to control the chip (file upload, remove, display, GPIO control, …).

I worked on a smartphone application (android) to upload and download data on the chip. I first made a wifi scan function on smartphone to verify that I can see the chip network. I am now working on the file upload.

I will continue to work on the smartphone application this week. I have three goals;

  • perform a file uploading from the smartphone to the chip
  • a downloading
  • make wifi network more secure and/or discreet

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