[Little Brosers] Decorating my very own Christmas Merkle tree

Ho Ho Ho !

Guess who’s putting messages instead of presents at the foot of it’s Christmas Merkle tree ?

Ok so last week I wrote you a whole essai about how I planned to manage messages relatively to the drop’s Merkle tree, and how to build this tree.

Here is a simplistic summary:

Merkle tree ? Again?

Yes, this week I kept on testing my Merkle tree build process. I also tested the function allowing to insert new messages in a tree already containing messages. It may not seem that complicated, but I had to make sure to take into account every single case of insertion and not break my structure. And believe me, there is quite a lot. Don’t forget we have two sorting levels.

There is still no unitary test. But fear not, it’s coming soon ! With Guillaume, we agreed that he should be in charge of reviewing my code and writing the tests for it (see? I told you 😉 )

The reason for that is the following: Guillaume wrote the prototype python code for the Merkle tree and for our diff-like algorithm for comparing trees of two drops. We will see if I respected his vision of the whole process.


What’s comming for me?

Next step is writing the diff-like algorithm in C. However to write and test this, I am using a C++ simulation environment emulating the existence of two drops and their interaction. It kept me busy for the last three days, I am still building it before diving into the diff-like algorithm.

For now the drops C++ objects share the same thread. I’m thinking about giving each “virtual” drop its own.


That’s all for me,


Merry Christmas !


Antony Lopez

Antony Lopez

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