[ZeROSEro7] USB Keyboard detected !

This week, we have finished schematics and PCB. We finally ordered PCB of USB Sniffer, Spy Talk and Stealth Drop devices. I also worked on the USB Keyboard and the SD card.

USB Keyboard

I created a macro to change usbDbgPrintf by rtt_printf. Therefor, all debug functions are usable on the RTT connection.
I listened M. Tardieu advice and I tried to use the USB_FS (OTG1) instead the USB_HS (OTG2). And it’s worked ! The card detects the keyboard and generates interrupt. It’s even possible to print the key pressed on the keyboard thank to the HID USB.
The next step will be sending keyboard descriptors to the computer to be a man in the middle device.

SD card

I started to work on the SD card. I just got back an example from ChibiOS to read and write SD card by the RTT connection.
The software is able to detect the SD card and report information about it but the read command fails.

After Christmas Holiday

I will continue to work on these two issues.


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