[CyL3D] Simulation and Dismantlement


While Paul worked on producing images that are going to be displayed on our system, I used Processing to create a simulation of the rotating LED pannel. Processing is a Java based language made for easy visualisations. My simulation is able to load an image and then works simillarly to the LED pannel. It displays a slice, rotate a farction of an angle and displays the next one. Even if it is only showing a single image for now, it should be straightforward to change it to show a video.

Here is an image of two cubes made by Paul.


As we are using last year base, I dismanteled their project to find the inner working of their project. We knew that the power was transmited the revolution axis, but we were not sure how the connexion was made.

It turns out that a wire is connected to the top of the case of the motor, so to go through the axis the current needs to travel first through a ballbearing. We then learned that it did not make a perfect connection so the voltage would be unstasble. To counteract this problem we will use capacitors and also raise the voltage going to the rotating part in order to lower the current.

Guillaume Soudais

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