[LASMO] First try at FreeRTOS

I didn’t have much time last week to work on the project due to the Athens week. I had a wonderful time in Prague but I wasn’t able to work on the project.

On these last days I’ve been focusing on trying to make FreeRTOS work on a STM32F4xx development card, i. e. making the official demo for this board work. Sadly, the official demo is actually designed to be compiled with the IAR compiler, and we’d rather use GCC for our project instead  of a trial version of some non-free compiler. I’ve found a demo using GCC and a makefile on the Internet, but for some reason, once compiled using GDB will work even if the GDB server isn’t launched, which makes me think the Makefile already opens one (which is not good because it is not launched on our board). I’ll try for the next time to have a  more deeply understanding of how a FreeRTOS program works, and I’ll try to fix that issue.

Luc Moussiegt

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