[bouLED] Choosing a LED layout

I changed the LED layout algorithm to allow us to set a number of LEDs for each row. To improve regularity, the algorithm only takes the bottom row’s number of LEDs, and the row above this has one less LED, and so on. There’s also a “margin” setting for the space between the outermost LEDs and the triangle’s edges.

Here are all the layouts I generated, printed on paper with a 1:1 scale, and a 5 cents coin for scale.

We’d appreciate your feedback on this: which variant is your favourite ? You can click on the images to display them in their full size.

2 Replies to “[bouLED] Choosing a LED layout”

  1. Would it be possible to have other constraints as well? I would like three of them. Maybe they are implemented already.

    1. The distance between a led and adjacent leds should always be the same.
    2. This constraint should work with leds from adjacent plates as well, taking the angle into account.
    3. Apart from the led orientation itself, turning every triangle by 120° should not change anything.

    If this is doable, it should give a pretty homogeneous result as far as the final product is concerned.

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