BouLED: display in a sphere

Overall idea

BouLED is, as its name implies, a spherical-ish LED display (in fact, an icosahedron), made of triangular PCBs.

The displayed image is stabilized: there’s an AHRS (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) array that computes the ball’s orientation and rotates the image so that it appears not to move, even if the ball itself does. Here’s what it looks like in the simulator:

The LEDs are not to scale here, so that it’s more obvious that the algorithm works. However, it will be enclosed in a plastic sphere that will diffuse the LED’s light, so this is a reasonable preview of the final product

The triangles are nothing more, electrically speaking, than a LED strip with APA102 LEDs and a 5V switching power supply. There’s also a main board with the main MCU, a SD card for image/animation storage, an AHRS array, and an ESP32-DevkitC that handles network communication. The triangles are divided in a few chains and are connected to the main board over SPI as you’d do with a regular APA102 LED strip.

An archive of the repository is available on GitHub. You can also find bouLED on

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