CyL3D: a rotative LED panel for 3D display

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CyL3D is a 3D display system using a rotative LED panel.

We will build a 40×30 LED panel rotating between 1200 and 1800 rpm. By using the retinal persistence of vision, we will be able to represent 3D meshes that fits in a bounding cylinder.

The data to be represented can be either read from an SD-card (in a raw format) or streamed from a personal computer over Wi-Fi. 

Our system is working on high frequencies for the LED configurations so we will use an FPGA to synchronize and send our image data to our LED drivers.

To synchronize the motor rotation and phase with our display system, we will use a small infrared system, with an IR LED and an IR receiver, one that is rotating and one that is not. 

With our high-power motor and our high density of LEDs, we expect to reach an electric current of 12A in our system.

Once completed, our system will be able to interface itself with other devices over Wi-Fi in order to create a full-immersive experience. For instance, one could display a topographic map on our system and add a Kinect to let the user pan or zoom in the map.  

Our team is composed of 4 members:

  • Ambroise VINCENT
  • Paul VINCHON
  • Guillaume SOUDAIS
  • Baptiste PECATTE

You can follow our project by clicking the CyL3D tag in the tag cloud.