LASMO: a laser show displayer

What LASMO will be able to do… and there’s more!


LASMO’s main objective is to display monochrome laser animations in small audience light shows, for example at the parties held by student associations in Telecom ParisTech. The displayed animations, which has to be in the standard ILDA format, could be read either from a physical storage device such as a USB key or SD card, or streamed from a connected PC. Here is an example of what LASMO will be able to display:

The Riddle


LASMO’s will be able to display 2D or 3D animations with these characteristics:

  • All animations will use the ILDA standard
  • 16 millions colors (RGB)
  • Resolution of 4096×4096 points
  • 30k points per second (kpps)

3D animations can be displayed if a point of view is specified.

LASMO will adapt the orientation of the display to the orientation of the system (for example, if it is set vertically or horizontally, the frame will still look the same and not be reversed).

LASMO will be able to synchronize animations with a beat. To do this, one will simply have to plug a stereo XLR input (2 cables) with the beat wanted. LASMO will also use the ArtNet library to be compliant with standard light show controllers via Ethernet. 


We are 3 students working on this project:

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