Highway to hell

Listpin has three types of PCBs:

  • The main PCB, the head
  • The LED bands, the fingers
  • The highway, the spine

The highway connects the main PCB to the LED bands and contains clock buffers in order to duplicate signals while keeping integrity.

I have had a hard time figuring out how to route this PCB. It is a very dense graph of signals that must cross each other. Since the PCB has to be large (over 25 cm in diameter), the long traces adds crosstalk problems to the equation.

An attempt…

After talking with Alexis about this issue, it turns out that the autoroute function will be useful here.I have to make sure that the fanouts are properly made. I will then let the autorouter route the most critical signals (those coming from the FPGA). Then, the other signals will be routed the same way.

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