Highway Star

After trying to fix a pretty bad bug with Nathan on the integration of the voxelization algorithm to LitSimulate, I started working on routing the highway PCB.

First order of business was the fanouts on the GND pins of the connectors. That worked for some connectors but not every one. Apparently, Mentor does not appreciate having werid angles on its SMD components and kept spitting out SMD violation errors.
I found a workaround but intend to check with Alexis to see wether this could be fixed as it would make having multiple routing attempts much easier.

I used the autoroute feature to see what it would give us since the sheer number of lanes needed makes it almost impossible to route manually. First step was to route the SIN signals for the drivers and then the rest of the signals. The results did not look to bad, we need to see what Alexis has to say about it and go from here.

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