Some tests before the prototype: Let’s PCB


A Test PCB

Before making our first device, we aimed at having a smaller one to test some components we do not have time to test: h-bridge, multiplexer, etc.

So, I had to complete a Test PCB that Alexis began. We already have chosen the components, and he chose the step-down converter, which we would use for our circuit.

I spend two days for placing and routing this PCB. We had two constraints: to put our coils at a precise place and the hall sensor just under them and to add the other component where there was still someplace. We choose to try to not add a battery since a phone charger can give us a 5V voltage with 1,5A current. But we planned another test PCB with a battery. We have to try other H-bridge that need an 8V alimentation.

This was fastidious but here is the result, I’m waiting for Alexis to check if everything is ok, and then we will send it for production. After resizing it and changing the outside in order to have the possibility to put it in our box. So, let’s the project continue.

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