Time to synchronize stuff

Today I started working on our synchronization module. This module is supposed to take in input the result of the speed measurement provided by the sensors and then infer the current angle position as well as others signals needed by both the led band controller and the led drivers: LAT, SCLK, GCLK and MULT. But before writing any code, I need to make a timing diagram as precise as possible. This is my first objective. So today I spent most of the day diving back into the driver documentation and the FPGA architecture described by Romain and Nathan in order to make a first draft.

There are several scenarios to take into account:

  • the initialization: writing the parameters in the Function Control register of the driver and making sure that there is no unwanted operation in the driver before everything else is ready (motor, led band controller, etc).
  • writing a complete led band on the driver
  • taking into account a potential delay due to the variation in the speed rotation

This is only the beginning, I hope by tomorrow I will be able to show a first draft of a timing diagram.

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