Working on a pre-alpha v0.01 backbone

After finding a configuration that could do the job as discussed on the previous post, we needed to validate it.

To do so and as such, to decrease randomness and have the best repeatability possible, I started working on some kind of mount. After a little while I had a first version of this and did some measurement with the Hall sensor. I noticed that the positioning of the Hall sensor was unpractical as it was free to move.

That’s why I did some laser cutting and cut a hole to fit the breadboard in it in a wooden plank, just under the coils. The immobility of the Hall sensor is important, because it allows us to have the same measurement process for the marbles, and this in turn is important as it will allow us to heat more marbles and then measure if their magnetic field is at the same and correct value (ie the field value of the marbles of the promising configuration).

The breadboard in the cavity

While doing so, we (Ilan, Henri and I) were also able to confirm that although low, we could still detect the magnetic field of the marbles. We (Ilan and I) later found that the magnetic field absolute value should be between 20 and 40 arbitrary unit (there’s a table to convert from sensor’s arbitrary units to SI base units, but we decided to keep it that way for now).

The coils mounted. We can see in the middle the Hall Sensor.

In order to fully validate the configuration, I used spray-paint to color the marbles sides. We now need just to add the final wood layer, with as minimum contact as possible with the marbles and we’ll have the final answer for this configuration !

First try at coloring the marbles with the spray. Expect feedback on it tomorrow.

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