ESP32 Update

I kept preparing the timing test for the ESP32 today. The challenge was to understand how FreeRTOS works, of course, but also to grasp the workflow of the WiFi on the devkitC.

The example I found first was simply about coding a usual UDP server/client pair. However, when I arrived to the actual testing moment, I realized that there was barely any chance of it working as I did not even provide a basic username/password to my program. So I had to discover more about how to setup the actual WiFi connection.

It eventually worked out. However, I am now stuck on a very annoying problem. Everything seems to work properly. I can send packets, capture them from my computer and even receive them on the ESP board. However, when I try to broadcast them, although I still see them on Wireshark, they are no longer acknowledged by the ESP32.

I still have no clue about what is actually happening. Tomorrow, I plan to first implement this on my computer to try this differently but I am not very optimistic about this solution.

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