3D printing tweaking

In my last 3D printing post, I showed you a sculpture printed with the new translucid filament we bought, and a first test gluing a filled petal to the shell.

The last shell had some major flaws due to wrong print settings, but we fixed it and printed another one:

This took 26 hours to print !

As you can see this one has support structure on the outside, this type of support is very easy to remove. The shell also has some support structure inside it, as with our first shell. It might be possible to remove these structures with acetone steam : acetone steam can be used to smooth a 3D model printed with ABS filament, and since the structure is made up of loose and messy filaments steam acetone might remove it, or at least smooth it.

Having a successful shell in our new filament enabled me to print all the filled petals we plan to glue to the shell and insert threaded inserts in. However it was pretty hard to predict the right size at which to print them, and I had to print it 3 times adjusting the size each time to get it right. Once I had it right I printed all the filled petals at the right size.

Figuring out where each filled petal had to go was quite difficult. Indeed, our phyllo properties means that if you turn it 137.5 degree you get almost the same structure, with all the petals only slightly altered… After a little while, I got it right and decided to number the petals to not have to do this again.

Some petals were too small to fit the threaded inserts we currently have, so we ordered smaller one for these petals. We also had to order some more glue because the glue we ordered uses a mixing tip which is one shot: once you use it, the glue inside it solidifies and gets stuck in it… (And we only had 2 of these tips).

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