It’s summertime for our marbles (more like Venus’ summertime)

Wednesday I worked on trying to have all our marbles with roughly the same magnetic field, something around 20-40 arbitrary unit (as measured by the sensor).

After slightly changing the mount so I could have the marbles on a fixed point, I went on and measured the magnetic field of all our marbles. Because our marbles were heated with different processes we had a wide range of values.

With this montage the marble is centered and stationary over the coils and therefore above the sensor.

With this montage, I sorted the marbles going from 20-40, 40-60 and so on to 100-120 a.u. (strongest value of the magnetic field after going through the heating process once). I modified the code made by Ilan a bit for it to do a mean value roughly every second.

I then proceeded to heat the marbles so they all had a value ranging from 20 to 40 a.u..

I now have to find a repeatable process to heat the out-of-factory marbles to be in the desired range values in one round. I expect it to be a heating time around 6 min at 300°C.

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