More boxes and problems

New size of boxes

Last time, I made a prototype of a box, but there was a problem with the size of the holes for the marbles. They were bigger than the marbles, and they would fall if we put the box vertically. I tried to put the coils and the marbles at a lower level and to reduce the size of the holes. But with this, we have too much friction, and we cannot flip the marbles easily.

Yes, I used a lot the laser-cutter

Some problems

The person in charge of the fablab offers to make a printed support for the marbles in order to reduce friction. With this, the marble will only have two points of friction, and it would flip better. We also tried with Alexis to improve our box by sanding the hole. With this, we obtain a box that works well with the big hole of 12mm in the wooden plank that we had before.

After a long battery of tests, we choose to command our first PCB for testing and to try during this time to make a box that we could put vertically. To be continued

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