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After fixing the bug that prevented us to use voxelization in litControl, the time came to keep working on the integration of features. The plan was to add the option to center or resize an image and add video voxelization.

Center and resize now are selectable options in LitControl that make any obj file displayable in full on the LitSimulate widget. Video voxelization now works but needs to be integrated into LitControl. Right now, it is not done directly by opening an obj file from LitControl. The video voxelization is tested by being handled in the main function and the qt application handles opening the resulting frames.Integrating this should only be a matter of handling file names and some Qt trickery so it will probably be done before Monday.

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Video voxelization was done through wrapping the voxelizing function in an ImageVoxelizer and a VideoVoxelizer class that handle opening the files and resizing if needed. The VideoVoxelizer’s voxelize function takes a path to a folder that contains obj files and voxelizes them individually and exports them as ppm files. Reading back the files in LitSimulate is made easy thanks to blender’s naming standard for animated obj file frames. they are numbered counting up from 1 which makes handling file names easier. Some safeguard to prevent voxelizing files that would be in the same folder but don’t have anything to do with one another would be useful and will be added.

Here is the result of the work done yesterday in gif (jif ?) form :

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