Good vibrations

Today Xavier and I prepared the setup for the integration of the speed feedback module and the Dshot sender, and the test of the hall sensor :

There is a circular magnet lended to us by Touch at the end of the screw. It generate a magnetic fields in a radial direction, which will therefore point towards the breadboard. It is pretty powerful so we hope it won’t constantly trigger the hall sensor.

The hall sensor we will be using is the TLE4964-4M. It is a pretty basic hall sensor with three pins (VCC, ground and output), which outputs a low value when the magnetic field exceeds B_OP , and goes back to a high value when the field drops below B_RP . In our case B_OP = 10mT , and B_RP = 8.5mT

We wanted to test the stability of the structure, here was the result before we put the clamp :

And here was the result at a much higher speed after putting the clamp :

We will integrate the hall sensor as soon as it arrives (which should be pretty soon), and will keep you updated of the results.

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