Voxelization: the end?

The last two days I continued debugging the voxelization along with Guillaume, now we finally have a clean and fully functioning version with the animation. Turns out most of the problems I had were due to how C++ handles floating values, especially when I need to round them to an int value, which is essential with voxelization. With rounding functions such as int() or floor(), the program behaved differently on my computer and on Guillaume’s so I found a way to avoid using those rounding functions, and now everything works as expected, on my computer as well as on Guillaume’s.

Now we are trying the voxelizer with various animations, but some of them have too much triangles and frames an the process is quite long. The good news is: we only need to voxelize each image/animation once. I might try to make my own simple animation of a bouncing ball, as Alexis suggested.

I still need to figure out how to handle interior colors though.

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