False start

Today Xavier and I soldered an ESC to the motor in the Phyllo structure (in truth, after struggling for a long time, we asked Karim Ben Kalaia to show us the way). We just wanted to see the power consumption of the motor while bearing a load, and set up a better configuration for the speed feedback.

Sadly, when we tried to turn on the motor, it didn’t work, creaking and hiccuping for a few moments and then stopping. We noticed that it was really difficult to turn with the hand comparing to the other motors we have. We removed all the load (the PVC plate and the axis) so that the motor can turn freely, but we got the same result. We tried to unscrew the motor to try to it run the base, but the screws are very tight and the screws-threads a little damaged. We also did not manage to dismantle the support. We checked that the screws used weren’t to long and didn’t hit the rotor. 

Our best guess so far is that the engine was a little warped to start with and when the school mechanic screwed it tight to the aluminium plate, this caused it to deform. Or maybe something else happened during the assembly process and damaged the motor’s ball bearings. If you have any idea of where it could come from, don’t hesitate to comment 🙂 

Tomorrow, we will ask him to unscrew the motor and we’ll replace it with a working one. We’ll keep you posted !

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