Led’s bare-metal

Today we all brainstormed about the software architecture. 

Since we are still waiting to receive the Hall and optical sensors for the speed feedback aspects, we turned our attention to the rest of the Phyllo.

While Marc and Vlaya worked on how to organise the software for the main board – which they will tell you all about in an upcoming post – Sibille and I looked into the LED-driving PCBs. Their role is simple :

  • Receive color configuration for each LED and control commands via SPI as discussed in this post
  • Configure and control the timers to generate the appropriate PWM signals to light the LEDs

Since these tasks are simple enough, we plan to forego using an OS and instead write bare-metal code. The fact that it’ll be more fun this way is really just a bonus 🙂

This afternoon we went over the Timer section of the STM32F207 Reference Manual (the processor we use for the LED-driving PCBs). Tomorrow we’ll look over the SPI section, and then we’ll start writing code.

That’s all folks !

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