No Main Is Without Fear

Some news about our Mainboard. After some decisions had to be made to finish routing the Mainboard, it is finally ready to be reviewed and prepared for production. Some changes include adding plated mounting holes for mounting the board and passing GND. Some holes were added in order to make balancing the board easier as it will be spinning fast enough that weight distribution will be an issue.

The holes on the mainboard and the Highway PCB need to be aligned which was an issue with connector placement on the latter. Nathan had to get the proper coordinates and angles for the connectors that could fit the mounting holes that we need.

Thy Route Is Murder

Now, the Highway PCB needs to be routed quickly for it to go into production as fast as possible. Placing the connectors and the fanout patterns is done so now comes the actual routing. Due to the tangled nature of the connector placement, we have no choice but to use the auto routing function and clean up any traces that can be done better. This requires to try several configurations and find out which one gives out the best results as well. If all goes well, our PCBs should be submitted for production some time next week.

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