Blender adventures

The last few days I focused on trying different animations on our simulation, I also tried to animate a bouncing ball as suggested by Alexis. However as you will see my blender animation skills are very limited, and the ball has some difficulties respecting the laws of physics. Nevertheless I tried with different animations, and it allowed us to discover some flaws/limitations in our program:

With the cat, the voxelization was quite fast, however i tried voxelizing 500 frames of a moving dragon, and I couldn’t finish it because it was way too long. I then found a feature on blender that allows to automatically reduce the number of triangles without ruining the model, which is very convenient because with our display we can hardly see the difference between a high poly and a low poly model. So with 5 times less triangles than the original, I managed to voxelize the dragon:

Although because of the effect of transparency, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the head, I am quite happy with the result, there are much more details than on the cat, and they are rendered pretty well.

I then spent a lot of time on the bouncing ball, and as you can see, it would be quite good if the ball was actually able to follow the laws of physics:

I will try during the holidays to improve this animation, for now I think this will do, there are more urgent things to do.

I also tried for fun to voxelize an animation of a car drifting, and it turned out to be a good idea because I discovered another limit of our program: the way I parse the obj file and then apply the voxelization algorithm is adapted for a file with only one object, which was not the case with the car because there was 5 objects: the 4 wheels and the body. Fortunately, once again blender can save us and join all the objects into one. I wondered if it was worth spending time modifying the algorithm so that it could work on a file with several objects, improving its robustness, but once again I don’t think this is the top priority right now. I might do it later if I have some time, but for now blender will do the work for us. Anyway here’s the animation:

And last but not least, in one of the most ambitious crossovers ever, we tried to voxelize one of Phyllo’s animation, and the result is pretty good!

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