Heavy Lies the GND

Here’s an update on the work done to the PCBs :


We slightly changed the schematics to accommodate for the sensors. We will need to make a small dedicated PCB but this should be fairly easy and can be done in house. As for routing, some slight changes were made like adding bigger areas where routing is forbidden around mounting holes.

We still need to change the connectors between the mainboard and the highway (on the mainboard side) to get the right board stacking height. this should be done soon as the connectors only differ from the others in their height so routing won’t need to change.


The schematics still haven’t changed for this one. Routing has changed to accommodate for balancing holes all around the board.


Here’s the kicker. That PCB was pretty much on hold for a while since Alexis was routing it himself (it was pretty much impossible to route if you don’t have extensive experience) and had to work on the other groups’ PCBs. Alexis having done most of the work, I asked if I could try and finish it myself. That is what I did. Now all there is to do is to review the PCBs one by one and check for mistakes and bad routing or placement and see if I am worth anything when it come to PCBs.

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