4×4 is to easy, let’s have a look at 16×16

On Monday, I began to have a look at a 16×16 device scheme. For this, I took the 4×4 scheme, I copied it 16 times, and I added two multiplexers. One that will multiplex the SCL signal to the multiplex that controls the Hall effect sensor, and one other that will multiplex the multiplexer that controls the H-bridge drivers. Then, I had some questions.

Should I keep a pull-up or a pull-down between two multiplexers or not? My answers for this moment is to keep a pull-up in order to avoid a clock signal on SCL if there is some latch between the two multiplexers.

The last question is how to control the H-bridge. I can control them through the first multiplexer or the second one in the chain, with the Enable signal of the multiplexer. But which one is the most suitable?

Today, I will continue to explore these solutions

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