Flower power

Blooming Phyllo 

This morning, Vlaya, Xavier and I carefully made a paper template for where to bore holes in the PCV disc to attach the Phyllo shell. Vlaya had previously finished placing threaded inserts on a 3D-printed sculpture. We then went to the school mechanic, Mr Croullebois, to bore the holes and attach the sculpture. 

The threaded inserts we used have a screw thread diameter of 3.5, which it turns out is not standard in France. Thankfully, the school go-to guy for electronics, Karim Ben-Kalaia, who by luck was visiting Mr Croullebois at that time, offered to take a look in his own workshop and promptly returned with a handful of suitable screws 🙂 

Without further ado, here’s what it look like : 

Just a quick note : the motor currently in the fixed base has been damaged during our tests and makes a pretty annoying creaking noise while turning. It should be better with another motor.

Still a lot of work to do

This afternoon, Xavier and I continue to work on the software for the LED-driving PCBs. We struggled for a while to flash the board, and we had to correct a few mistakes. Now, the configuration seems to be more suitable, but we still aren’t able to get a PWM signal on the board outputs :/ We will continue to work on this tomorrow.

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