PCB: Last step (until we found an error)

On Wednesday, I finished the PCB. I used one trick that found Alexis on our test PCB. We have two VCC, one for the coils and the other for all the other components. So, I create a two-parts plan. The VCC is in green and the VCC_COIL is in yellow.

I also have to route all the components. I found a way to make the routing easier, by enforcing a simple rule. When the route is horizontal, it must be on the top face, and when it is vertical, it must be on the bottom face. I also have to change the pins of the multiplexers in order to route them easily.

In my 4×4 cells, I route the SCL which is shared by all the H-bridge (in green) and the one which is shared by all the hall effect sensors (in pink), so I just found a way to connect them together vertically, and at the bottom of the PCB, I connect them horizontally.

Here is a part of this PCB

Now, I’m waiting for the test PCB to check if everything is ok, and to make our first tests until asking for two devices with this big PCB

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