A little smile for the photo…electric sensor

So, we had to design a small PCB in order to place the photoelectric sensor that allows us to measure the rotation speed (remember, we planned the possibility of using this sensor or a hall effect sensor).

This sensor is a small fork with an emitting infrared diode one one branch and two sensors on the other. When an obstructing object is placed between between the LED and the sensor, it can be detected.

Photoelectric sensor

The PCB will be screwed under the lower mechanical plate. We had an argument to determine if the connector to the mainboard should be on on the same side or the other side of the PCB.

We decided that it should be on the other side. The wires will be plugged through a hole in the lower mechanical plate.

Here what the result looks like:

The IR sensor PCB

Very simple, indeed. We will build this PCB at school.

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