Let’s all welcome the new Phyllo

The new phyllo printed with the Ultimaker 2

You might remember we talked about a quite unfortunate software limitation in this article, which was preventing me from printing a phyllo sculpture with both a hollow thin shell and filled petals at the bottom.

Well, it turns out it is possible to do this using another software for another printer which also has the benefit of being free and open source: Cura

We first didn’t use Cura because it was meant for the Ultimaker 2 printer, which seemed to give less detailed results when printing phyllo sculptures. However, it turned out to be not that bad and had some advantages over the Zortrax printer on some points.

Here’s a screenshot of the slicer preview which shows what I can now achieve:

As you can see, everything is printed without infill, except for some petals which are filled with 90% infill. This means we won’t have to glue filled petals to our sculpture anymore, and it also means we can have more precision on the holes location (with glue, it’s hard to predict on software where the filled petal will be exactly relative to the phyllo)

We ordered some new translucent filaments since the Ultimaker printers require a different thickness for the filaments than the Zortrax.

I wasn’t expecting the filament to be that different from the one we were using for the Zortrax, but we’re still satisfied by the result. Also, this filament has the advantage of letting a lot more light pass through

The phyllo lit with a smartphone flash

There are a few holes at the top of the petals, but I should be able to prevent this next time with different settings. The inside of this Phyllo is rather smooth, but there was a lot of cobweb like filament to remove:

Apparently it is possible to prevent this using the retraction feature and a lower temperature, but I didn’t really have any luck when tweaking these settings.

We might try to use some sort of matt spray paint on it to see if it gives nicer results.

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