A l’aBOARDage !

The Mainboard has been sent to production. Now it’s time to get the Highway and LED PCBs ready. yesterday and this morning I ckecked everything from schematics to routing. We noticed that the connectors on the Highway to the LED PCBs needed to be flipped 180°. That meant routing it again. After doing it quite a few times, I’ve gotten used to using auto-route and cleaning up any traces that could be improved. It took an afternoon for the Highway to be ready for the final check up.

This morning I took a final look at the schematics for the highway, checking that the pinout were right according to the Mainboard and the LED PCBs and checking the clock buffer circuits. Some adjustments needed to be made but nothing too major. The Highway is now ready for packaging.

The LED PCB didn’t require adjustments. Due to the sheer number of connections on the multiplexed LED array, checking each one to look for errors was quite tedious but necessary. We wouldn’t want to overlook the process and end up with a color attached to the wrong net.

Now, all there is to do is have a second pair of eyes look at the schematics to check for things that I could have missed and then that PCB is ready for packaging as well.

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