Another Brick in the Wall

I recently built the first version of the LitSpin Linux but also the MCVEVK Linux if we need it. I first tested the MCVEVK version and it worked perfectly. However, when I tried with the LitSpin one, I had some trouble: the MCV didn’t boot anymore or nothing was sent on the UART which is also a problem.


To recover the SOM I tried to follow the different steps given by ARIES. The first problem was to get the Recovery Sof which is not available online. So, I sent ARIES an email to ask for it. They send me back the recovery file 20 minutes after. I was impressed by the reactivity. So now, I had to download the sof on the FPGA. A big problem, the JTAG didn’t detect the FPGA. However, it detected it on Cyl3d. So, I was wondering why??? Guillaume Janet checked with me, the manual and the problem was solved by setting the right configuration for SW1 switches.

Back from the death

So after downloading the recovery sof on the FPGA, the MCV passed into USB Mass Storage mode and I could flash the eMMC with the MCVEVK Linux and the SOM was back among the living.

So, I decided to do this post to help future users of the MCV and I added the reference sof file on the git repository with the procedure if we or someone else need it in the future.

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