Motor control over Wifi

Yesterday, I used Marc’s UART server to connect the ESP32 to the Olimex E407 devboard which we use to test our bottom PCB code. 

After a few adjustments, it works and we are know able to turn on the motor and choose its speed by sending a speed target from a computer to the bottom ESP32, which transmit it to the dev board over UART, which translate it in DShot frames and transmit it to the ESC.

As the majority of the bottom PCB code is written and functional under ChibiOS, we will of course keep this OS for this PCB and use FreeRTOS only on the main board.

However, while testing the speed, while testing the speed stability, we noticed that it had a large offset once stabilized. This is probably due to the fact that we added the Phyllo shell after having tuned the PID coefficients: we will therefore have to adjust them again when we have received and set up all the PCBs (for the moment, only the PCB top has arrived).

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