Driving me crazy

Romain and I spent the last few days trying to get the WiFi dongle to work with the SOM.

The little fella

However, several issues had to be overcome in order to succeed in doing this.

Overcurrent detection

Overcurrent detection had to be disabled for USB devices to be detected by the SOM.

WEXT and cfg80211

For the driver to work, wext and cfg80211 drivers have to be enabled in the configuration of Yocto. We found this out because the driver would not work. Fortunately, we stumbled upon this document from Intel.

Compile the correct driver

A confusion between the driver of our dongle (rtl8188eu) and the driver of cyL3D’s defunct dongle (rtl8812au) wasted a good amount of our time. Fortunately, we were advised by a teacher to check the device/vendor ID in the driver’s sources, allowing us to discover our mistake.

The wifi finally works. We only need to cleanup out yocto project, and our linux image will (hopefully) be final.

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