Task notify: Hello goodbye

On Wednesday, I spent some times implementing task notify on the sensor task, until implementing it on the h-bridge task. Then, I realize that it creates many memory errors and was not really useful since the thread should not call the function that change the multiplexer until the I2C communication was finished.

I also find the way to put some values in the esp32 that I used for the test as an I2C slave, and realized that it works with only 7 bits adresses whitout a read/write bit at the beginning, so I changed its adress and it correctely acknowledge to my communication.

At last, I changed the HAL of the iot_node in order to have 2 I2C buses and eight output that would do the role of the multiplexer.

Now, I initialize well the h-bridge and the hall effect sensor, I just need to implement an algorithm that will print the next image on the test_PCB.

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