Ah Qi, here we go again

After seeing Alexis, we noticed that the package of the previous component that we thought would do the job was based on BGA package… so we’re back to the previous step !

Basically the ideal component should :

  • be Qi compliant (low power profile and extended power profile)
  • have a 15 W power output
  • not have a BGA or CSP package which is definitely the hardest part

For a moment I thought I found the perfect match in the TS81000 : Qi compliant, up to 40W power output and QFN package ! Well yes, but actually no.

Alexis brilliantly pointed the fact that this component is only the auxiliary part of the receiver, and the other part which is the TS5111 has a WCSP package. This makes this solution unsuited to our project.

I also came across the BQ51013 which is interesting but can only deliver up to 5W. We think this might be too low for our project but as we still haven’t a precise idea of the power consumption of our device we might come back to it later.

For now we’re going to put aside the wireless power transmission and will stick to a basic USB port, that we will try to hide as much as possible.

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