Pro (Component) Choice

Update on the choices in components for Litspin. All of the main components have been chosen. Here are the ones we landed on :

System on Module

After looking at the schematics for CyL3D, we saw that they used around 40 pins on the FPGA IO. This meant that we could use the same Aries Embedded SoM based on a Cyclone V combined with two ARM cores.

LED Driver

For our LED drivers, we’ve chosen the Texas Instruments TLC5957. They give us a high enough input data rate and PWM reference frequency as well as enough channels to drive our LEDs.


The LEDs we will use are the Broadcom ASMB-KTF0-0A306. They are 4-pin (common anode) RGB LEDs.

The wifi module and sensors are given in a previous post.

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