Cause every time they flip, I get this feeling

Time for more tests with marbles

In my last post, I was a little sad. We were about to abandon the heart of our project: marbles because they were too powerful. Alexis gives us some hope by saying that we may have better result with some iron. So we try the configuration on the right (there is an iron plate between the two marbles), but it gives bad results. The iron does not constrain the magnetic field. It just attracts more the two marbles. We were about to try with some steel when the miracle came…

The miracle came from coils

In fact, the coils already have some iron on them. So, when we put the marbles on them, they are less attracted to each other, and we finally manage to put two marbles together at only 1,9cm of distance. We try our first test to flip the marbles with the coils:

As you saw this on a previous post, we manage to flip marbles only with some distance. However, we manage to flip a marble with a 500mA current with only the beech plank between it and the coil. The other one moves a little, but it does not flip, so it’s ok.

Finally, we find a grid that we should use if Alexis agrees with us. We put a 2mm plate of plastic between the coils and the marbles, a 4mm plexiglass plate with 1cm holes that will just constrain the marbles on the coil and a 1,5mm beech plank with 8mm holes that will help us to have our planned design. And here is the result :

And now?

We will begin our PCB and have to try to make a box of 3×3 marbles to check that we can control everything.

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