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LitSpin is a 3D POV (Persistence of Vision) display. Usually, those devices use blades (like on viSio) or panels (like Cyl3D). The objective is to display a 3D animation with a resolution of 40x32x512 pixels. We will use 40 columns of 32 RGB LEDs which will be placed in a totally different way as you can see below.

We will also develop an application to control LitSpin from a computer: LitControl

How to use it?

There are two different modes.

Text mode

Thanks to LitControl, you can send a small text to LitSpin. This text will be display on the external face of the cylinder.

Animation mode

From LitControl, you can choose an animation from the SD Card which will be displayed by LitSpin.

How to generate an animation?

First, you have to create an animation with software like Blender. Then, with LitControl you can simulate the display of your animation and generate the file to be transferred to the SD card.

More about what already exist

LitSpin is a 3D POV (Persistence of Vision) display. There are already a lot of different 3D POV displays but they all have issues like shadow areas as you can see under on Cyl3D project or blind areas like on viSio.

Our goal is to create a new kind of POV device which overcomes those issues.