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Touch is an ambitious project which objective is to create a new kind of display device. Our goal is to have a wooden box with magnets on the top. Those magnets will have one color on each side and will be controlled thanks to coils. It will allow us to display 1 bit pixel art. 

The main objective is that the user will never think of the technological aspect of the device and will mostly see the device as a magic box.


The first way to use a Touch will be to display images sent by a server. All the user will have to do is to connect the device to the WiFi. We also plan to do an offline mode during which the device will loop over the last images it received. 

(colors are not fixed)

The second way to use the device will be to send images to a friend who also have a Touch. As of now, every boxes will have a unique identifier (drawn on the bottom left-hand end corner of the box). It will be a picture of a line of 32 blocks. To contact a friend all you will have to do is to touch the button on the side of the box, move the bottom line of your box to make it match your friend’s identifier, touch the button again and voila ! Every changes he will do on his Touch will appear on yours.

The third way will be to play a game with your friend. To do so, once your friend is connected to your device (like above), you will only have to touch your button and any changes made on any boxes will be done on the other too.

This project will be realeased under an Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

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